HDPE Flakes

Buy quality HDPE Flakes (Flocken, Płatki, Çapak) from Brink Recycling, a fully certified company in the Netherlands. We produce our flakes from blow moulded waste, such as jerrycans, drums and IBC containers. We can also process other plastics.

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E-mail: info (at) brinkrecycling (dot) nl

Brink Recycling is located in The Netherlands: Haatlandhaven 18, 8263 AS Kampen.

Phone: +31 (0)38 331 2834
You can reach our office from Monday till Thursday from 7.00-16.00 o’clock and Friday from 7.00-12.00. (UTC+01:00 – Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna).

We speak English and German.
Other languages – please send e-mail!

Brink Recycling, main office building

Our products

Recycling of plastics is our main activity.

Brink Recycling can process various waste plastics made from HDPE or PP, reduce and recycle them into a valuable raw material. We can supply these raw materials selected by color or mixed from all colours. Our raw materials do not need to be granulated (grains) or cleaned first, which saves our customers several steps in their manufacturing process and therefore energy costs.

Our raw materials can be used to produce intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), pallets, crates, hoses, drip hoses, pipes, drip trays, storage tanks, cans, jerry cans, fuel tanks, wheelie bins, containers and road plates.

Flakes in assorted colours


This photo gives an indication of the delivered end product. The sizes are in centimeters. Color differences may occur.

Flakes from other materials or colours

Other products

Brink Recycling can also supply other materials or colours. Please contact us for more information.


We will arrange transport upon request.

Brink Recycling can effectively load containers using Big Bags up to 1000 kg. each for shipments overseas. As an average we will load about 24 tons of cargo into one standard container. It is also possible to arrange transport overland.

Storage facilities


We take care of the storage of IBCs and Big Bags until a truck or sea container can be optimally loaded. Our products therefore retain their high quality and are not subject to weather influences.

Shipping and transport

Shipping overseas

Our special forklift, which we designed ourselves, is used to load containers without damaging the Big Bags. You can be assured that our product will reach your company in the same condition as we have loaded it.

Shipping and transport

Shipping overland

Why should you do business with Brink Recycling?

Brink not only delivers quality, but our fully certified company also takes responsibility for safety, the environment and contributes to the energy transition. In addition, Brink offers places to students and we guide young people with a social or learning disadvantage on their way to the labor market.

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